Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Elvis is going to nursing school

Well, actually he's just going to one class and it's today. He's going to be a visual aid. A dear friend is in nursing school and doing a presentation on cerebral palsy. Elvis is going along with her because she doesn't think many students in her class have ever really seen a child with CP. Elvis is more than happy to do this as he loves for people to think he's cool. He's taking his new wheelchair and his new communication board so he can show off for the nice folks. Of course, to do this, he's playing hooky from his own school but we're hoping that a note from the nursing student also signed by her nursing teacher will suffice to excuse his absence.

In other family news, Beth is passing her English class. She's got a 73 (needs a 70 to pass). She has a long history of getting 70s on her report card. In fact this teacher told her yesterday that she was barely scraping the line. Beth laughed and said she wasn't worried because she had 3 points to play with. Sad but true. She's the queen of doing "just enough" and that is the expectation she has for herself. Goodness knows I've tried to adjust that way of thinking. I don't think she's heard any of what I've had to say.

Alli hasn't subbed since last week. I don't know if the school hasn't called her or if she hasn't accepted any days. Boy Wonder has applied for a couple of jobs but hasn't gotten any of them. His unemployment checks are about to stop. That's the only reason he's actually applying for jobs. Gee, maybe doing "just enough" is a family trait?

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