Friday, September 12, 2008

Twenty cents

I'm off work today to go look for Elvis' nuts. However, this was also my day for early morning bus room. I went on to school and did my bus duty. It was easier to just do it that to try to trade someone or find someone to cover it. It's my least favorite of the duties we're required to do but, knowing I could just leave when it was over, it felt pretty good today!

Anyway, while I was doing my 30 minute bus duty, the price of gas rose TWENTY CENTS! I drove past the gas station near my school and it was $3.59. I drove back by on the way home and it was $3.79. There couldn't have been 45 minutes between driving by that station. I'm assuming the price jump is due to Hurricane Ike. I'm hoping it's just a temporary rise and not a trend. I liked it much better when the price was dropping.

We're off to the big city to see the fancy specialist. I'll let you know the status and location of Elvis' nuts tonight. I know you can't wait!

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