Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hey, Mongoose

We nearly lost Spider-Pig this week. He and Beth had some kind of big blow-up Thursday night. Beth was inconsolable. She even missed school Friday because she couldn't stop crying. (I've always given the girls a "boyfriend trauma" day during each school year. If they've broken up with or had a huge fight with a boyfriend, they sometimes need a day to chill.)

The source of this blow-up actually made me a proud. Spider-Pig was scheduled to work Friday night. Beth had made plans to do something with a girl friend. When Spider-Pig unexpectedly got the night off, he assumed Beth would cancel on her girl friend to go out with him. Beth didn't want to do that. In the past, she would have done that, leaving the friend dumped and alone. I'm very proud that she cared enough about the friend to not want to dump her at the last minute. Shows me she's growing up a bit.

As of now, Spider-Pig is still around. Beth said she doesn't hate him...she just "dislikes him right now" - LOL! Actually, they are still talking/texting quite a bit and I think they had plans together today. I'll keep you posted!

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Mongoose said...

Good for her. :) I was telling myself in January, when the question last came up in my life, that standing up friends to go chasing after men is a good way to end up single and friend-less.

As it turns out, I'm single and friend-less anyway, so next time maybe I'll go chasing after men anyway. :)