Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh, darn!

The Hottie and the Nottie wouldn't play. I'm so distraught. *read with sarcasm, please* I really did try to watch it. I promised Beth I would and I did. It just wouldn't play. About 10 minutes in, it just froze up. When I tried to fast-forward through that one scene, it skipped to the middle of the movie. When I tried to skip back a little (would have been rewind in the old days, but can you rewind a DVD?), it just went back to the scene where the movie froze. So, I did what all good Netflix members do...I went to their website and reported the problem. Just don't tell Beth that when it asked if I wanted them to send another copy of it, I said, um, no thanks. I did watch Nim's Island today. Boy Wonder bought a used copy at the video store. It was good - better than I expected, anyway. I enjoyed it.

I'm looking forward to a boring school week. We don't have anything major going on. Just school and home. This is the first time in a loooong time I haven't been making two or three trips a week to take various foster kids to out of town appointments. I felt like I was never home. This year, it's just school and then home. While I miss some parts of the fostering, that is not something I miss. A tank of gas seems to last forever!

Beth was gone all weekend with friends. I feel like I rarely see her. She did come home this afternoon and clean the den and her bedroom. That was nice. I'd cleaned the kitchen earlier. Our house looks almost fit for human habitation. It won't last long. The cat will hock up a hairball or the dog will have another "episode" and vomit on the couch. Or, if the pets behave, a person will drop a full cup of drink that's guaranteed to stain everything in that room AND the two adjacent rooms. It just happens. No matter how hard I try, it happens. But, for now, I'll enjoy the neat den.


Juicebox Mom said...

hey...we watched Nims Island this weekend too....Pretty good!

Me said...

Did you buy that they had internet access on the island? I'm sure there's a way but at what price?

It was good, though!