Friday, July 3, 2009

Updates...I've got your updates

Elvis' surgery went fine. We got there at 2:00 and they took him from us about 3:30 after I'd answered the same 20 questions for about 10 different people. Beth and I sat in the waiting room and watched the Jumbo-tron which scrolled the first name of the patients and where they were in the process - getting ready for surgery, in the operating room, recovering in PACU, and finally - discharged. He was in surgery for longer than we expected but the doctor said everything went well. After a little while in recovery, we were sent home with a very drugged little guy. He needed Lortab every 6 hours the first day and you could still tell he was hurting when moved or jostled. However, he slept really well Wednesday night and I could tell he felt much better Thursday. Motrin seems to be handling the pain although I did give him a dose of Lortab last night before I had to peel the sticky bandages off. It just seemed the compassionate thing to do.



Baby Briley arrived on July 1 at 1:31 PM. (7 pounds, 13 ounces; 20.5 inches long) She has ten fingers and ten toes and is learning to nurse like a champ. Mom and baby are doing well...tired but good. They were discharged from the hospital last night and have hopefully survived their first night at home. (The day of her birth was a really difficult day for me emotionally. I'll spare the details on the public blog but will probably attempt to sort out my thoughts on my private one. If you haven't joined that one yet, feel free to email me through my profile. All I'll need to add you is your email address. Don't fear long as you don't live in my house, I'll add you. ;-)


Mongoose said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm so glad everything went well for both little ones!

Shannon said...

I've been reading for awhile and I'd love to read your more private blog.

Lisa said...

Hi, de-lurking to ask if you'll add me to your other blog.

I'm so glad Briley arrived healthy and that Elvis's surgery went well. My son had the same surgery at age 2, he's 15 now and has not entered puberty in any way, shape or form yet (which doesn't seem to be the worst thing in the world right now with his lovely behaviors). I'm not saying that will happen with Elvis, I'm just wondering how big of a part the surgery had on this current outcome.

Me said...

Shannon, I need your email address to add you to the other blog. You can email it to me through my profile...says something about "click here to email".