Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Elvis' surgery day

Today is the day the urologist goes looking for Elvis' testicles. What fun! When he locates them, he'll pull them down and stitch them in place where they belong. I've never owned that equipment but I'm 100% sure that my day today will be better than Elvis'.

We don't have to be at the hospital (an hour from home) until 2:30 this afternoon. I fear we may be there well into the evening hours. I'd much rather have gone in the wee morning hours and be done by now. We didn't get a choice. He did get to eat breakfast this morning. He could eat before 8:00 and then can have only clear liquids between 8 and 1. He can't have anything after 1.

Alli is not going with us. She's pretty miserable with the pregnancy so she's staying home. Beth is going with me. I was afraid to try this adventure without another set of hands along for the ride. Elvis loves his Aunt Beth and she's great with him. We'll be fine. And, Elvis will be cranky afterward but he will have earned that right.

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EasterApril said...

Hope surgery went well!