Monday, September 1, 2008

Go to sleep!!!

About 9:20, Boy Wonder brought Elvis to me. He was in pajamas and, I assumed, ready for bed. It was past his bedtime but we were all still running around getting things ready for the week to come. Elvis hung out on my bed, waiting for me to come get him to sleep. I finished up what I had to do tonight and went back to my room.

Elvis started screaming at me. There were no tears. He was just yelling. I asked if he was hungry and got a big smile. (That's Elvis for "yes.") He drank two cans of Pediasure and ate a honey bun and a serving of Sun Chips. Yes, I'd call that hungry. He might have eaten more but I stopped him. It was nearing 10:00 at that point and we were an hour past his bed time.

We snuggled up and did our nightly ritual of "Who loves Elvis?" It's rather like a God Bless so and so that most people would do as a bed time prayer. Instead, we list all the people who love Elvis. It's sounds conceited, I know. However he and I started it a couple of years ago and it stuck. We just have to hope that God understands that we are praying for these people at the same time. Anyway, we finished Who Loves Elvis and snuggled up to go to sleep...and Elvis started laughing. He laughed and laughed. At one point, Beth wandered by on her way to the bathroom. I asked her to tell Elvis that if he didn't go to sleep soon he would be too sleepy in the morning to go to school. This made him start crying...loudly. He wouldn't stop. She finally took him to lie down with her. It's almost 11:00 now - TWO hours past his bedtime (and mine). It could be a long night.

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