Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rotten mind

If television truly rots your brain, consider mine rotten and moldy. I spent my afternoon aimlessly flipping channels. I'd stop here and there when something caught my eye but I didn't watch much of anything very long. I did watch the whole hour show about Lakshmi Tatma. That was pretty darn amazing. I learned about Goliath Tarantulas. The can be up 12 inches in diameter. I hate regular spiders. I'd probably drop dead if I every ran into one of those! I also learned to fear the Brazilian Wandering Spider. They are oh so very deadly. One of the worst-feared bugs would be Army ants. (Can you tell I spent some time on the National Geographic Channel watching a show on predators of the Amazon?)

So, I'm starting the week with the house a mess, my laundry still dirty, and my bathroom in need of a good scrubbing. However, I know what dangerous creatures to avoid next time I'm wading in or around the Amazon. I also know that if your baby has a parasitic twin, there's a doctor in India that can fix him/her/them right up. Maybe if I keep watching those shows, I'll learn how to perform the surgery myself?

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Tudu said...

ROFLMAO! I love those kinds of days.