Monday, December 22, 2008


I finished New Moon. Today. Actually, I started it late last night but only got to page 21 before going to bed. Today I started on page 21 and read all the way to page 563. And it was wonderful. So I headed to Walmart at 11:30 PM to buy the third book in the saga, Eclipse. And guess what? THEY WERE OUT! ACK! I don't know what I'm going to do. My plans for tomorrow (well, today now) involved Eclipse and little else. *sniff, sniff* I guess now my Monday plans involve driving around trying to find Eclipse.

The family party was nice. Loud, but nice. Assorted cousins have 5 little girls, 5 and under. They had a lot of fun running up and down the hallway, shrieking in that high-pitch that only little girls can hit. Add to that the wrestling maneuvers of my 3 nephews and you've got yourself a loud party. I have to say that, despite the volume, it was a great evening. We are all together only this one night each year. It's nice to catch up. In the shock of my holiday so far, both Alli and Beth went. Spider-Pig came along, too, but Boy Wonder stayed home. Elvis had no shortage of people to tell him how cute he is. It was a nice evening. Count me in for next year, too.

Beth accompanied me to Walmart afterwards. As a result, she's seen (picked out, actually) a few of her presents. At least I know she's getting what she wants. Until earlier this evening, I was without Beth's big present. I knew what she wanted but didn't know where to find it. Right before leaving for the family gathering, a friend called to tell me she'd located what Beth wanted and the store had exactly ONE left. She snagged it for me and that's a relief. I'll go by tomorrow and pay her for it.

I'm not exactly sure how to handle Christmas this year. Santa has always brought gifts for all. I'm assuming Santa doesn't visit married daughters at their mom's house. I'd assume he visits them and their husbands separately? Based on this, Santa is putting gifts under our tree for Beth, Elvis, and me. I'm guessing it's up to Boy Wonder and Alli as to whether or not he visits them in their apartment. I will, of course, buy them each a few gifts but this is my first year to have a married kid living in my house. I've had a lot of firsts in 2008. This is just another in the long line of situations I've had to figure out this year. Who knows if I'm figuring them out right? I can only do my best.


momma-o-minnie said...

might want to forwarn them

Kimmah said...

my presents are wrapped at my mom's. It's a nice transition to being a grown-up. It was sort of a shock the first time, I admit, lol.We all got ours under the tree until we left home.

Me said...

Even though Alli still technically lives in my house, I consider the fact that she's married being the same as "leaving home."

I've decided to do stockings for them. They'll have the odd little things in and around those from Santa. Their gifts will be wrapped and from me.