Saturday, December 20, 2008

At least I'm not tired

The pediatrician deemed Elvis as "better" Tuesday afternoon. I didn't specifically ask if he could go back to school and she didn't tell me he couldn't. So, Wednesday morning, Elvis and I rejoined the world. Wednesday was wild in my class. A giant otter came to talk to my kids about seat belt safety. When the highway patrol trooper was showing them how to properly wear a seat belt by saying the lap belt section should be over their "waist bones" I almost lost it. In all my free time, I do plan to email the coordinator of that program and ask her to pleeeease check that fact and pass the info on to the trooper. The rest of the day passed with excruciating slowness but it did, eventually, end. Thursday was wild, too, especially with the addition of a stage show by "Safari Greg." He brought along a few animals, which freaked out several of my kids. Evidently, my class isn't fond of snakes. There was lots of screaming and crying. Other teachers had to help hold and comfort my students, as my lap was already full. They may not have liked the snakes but I loved the 12-foot long Burmese python.

And then came Friday - the longest day of the school year. Of course, by measure of time, it's one of the shortest days. It just feels never-ending. It's our Christmas Party Day. We are supposed to carry on business as usual (yeah, right) from 8:15 until party time at 10:00. Then, we are descended upon by what feels like hundreds of parents/grandparents/step moms/great uncles' best friends' next-door-neighbors that have nothing better to do than come to kindergarten for 45 minutes of Hell. And, the high was 73 degrees. And our heat, once turned on in October, can't be turned off until March. In lieu of a party, my class makes gingerbread houses. I pre-glue graham crackers to small milk cartons. At the party, each child gets a cracker-covered-carton, a huge glop of icing, and enough candy to rot every tooth in their heads. The idea is to use the icing to stick the candy to the houses. In reality, much more candy is consumed than actually stuck to the houses. That's why we call it a party, I guess. That 45 minutes is loud, hot, wild, and lot and lots of fun! I'm always so relieved when it's over. To add to the fun yesterday, I had late bus duty, which, just like it sounds, meant I had to stay until all the kids who ride late buses had left. Lucky me, I know!

When bus duty was finished, I had to clean up the horrendous mess my room had become and get all the food safely thrown away (hoping to leave nothing for the mice to survive on over the holidays). We got home a little before 1:00 PM. I flopped across my bed with a new edition of People magazine and was sound asleep before 1:30. I remember nothing else until waking at 5:30. I was back asleep by 11:00 and slept until 9 this morning. So, I've slept 14 of the last 24 hours. Not a bad way to pass the time. I do feel pretty good. My back's a little stiff, I guess from being in bed so much, but I'm ready to tackle the world.


Tudu said...

I wish we organized our parties as well. They are awful. At least they got the memo and did all my kids at different times so I didn't have to run around like a crazy person and disappoint them when I missed their songs.

Me said...

Our principal insists on setting the times for beginning and ending of parties. The problem is, the whole school has them at the same time. Parents who have more than one kid at our school have to (literally) run between them. I have one student who has twin siblings in 1st grade. His parents were exhasted after running between 3 classrooms (on different halls) for 45 minutes.

We had no songs/performances, though. Ours were strictly various forms of parties. The principal doesn't care much what we do. He says he has 3 doors he can lock between us and our parties - LOL!