Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No more HGTV...for a while, anyway

I woke yesterday morning feeling odd. It took only a couple of hours before realizing the "odd" was actually a stomach virus. I never get those! (In 14 years of teaching, I seem to have built up an immunity to them. And, getting this one while out of school is particularly unusual.) Sadly, neither of my kids noticed I was sick. I spent the day in my bed, not sleeping, just shivering and trying to stay warm. My TV was on for company and it was on HGTV. I didn't watch much but I heard it all. I can honestly say I'm done with that channel for a while. I love to watch some of those shows but seeing them over and over all day kind of burned me out...for a day or two.

By yesterday afternoon, I'd ventured out to the den. Beth was playing the Wii when her phone rang. She looked at the number and recognized it as a local restaurant where she'd applied for a job back before Thanksgiving. It was 3:53 PM. They wanted to know if she could come in for an interview between 4:30 and 5:00. She quickly got ready and I steeled myself to venture into the outside world. She was in there less that 15 minutes and got the job! She'll be a hostess. She trains tonight and starts working Friday. We had to buy her some black, non-slip shoes and a black belt. The rest of her uniform consists of blue jeans and assorted witty t-shirts supplied by the restaurant. Of course, I can't find her social security card. I'm sure I put it somewhere for safe-keeping (along with her adoption decree) but can't find it. We're going to run by the social security office and apply for a new one. They'll give her a temporary print-out that will work until her replacement card comes in.

We have a visitor for the rest of the week. A friend and her family went out of town today and we're dog-sitting for their greyhound. She's a sweet, well-mannered, and kind of shy dog but she'll be fine with us. Luckily she and our elderly mutt get along well. For whatever reason, the visiting dog has taken a liking to Alli. This is rather odd because Alli dislikes most animals. We'll see how the week goes. We used to have a greyhound and still miss him terribly. He got hurt over a year ago and had to be put to sleep. They are "greyt" pets, if anyone is in the market!

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